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The routine maintenance of air compressors

Maintenance and maintenance of air intake filter

The air filter is a component that filters dust and dirt in the air, and the filtered clean air enters the compression chamber of the screw rotor and is compressed.

  1. It is best to maintain the air filter element once a week. Loosen the gland nut, take out the air filter element, and blow off the dust on the outer surface of the air filter element with 0.2~0.4Mpa compressed air. If particles are stuck inside the air filter cavity, wipe the inside walls of the air filter housing with a clean cloth.
  2. Under normal circumstances, the air filter should be replaced every 1000-1500 hours. It is recommended to replace it in extremely harsh environments such as mines, ceramic factories, and cotton spinning mills. Replace the air cleaner element every 500 hours.
  3. When cleaning or replacing the air filter element, one piece must be installed at a time to prevent debris from falling into the intake valve.
  4. Frequently check whether the intake expansion pipe is damaged or crushed, and whether the connection between the expansion pipe and the air filter intake valve is loose or leaking. If found, it must be repaired and replaced in time.

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Replace the oil filter

  1. After the first 500 hours of operation of the new machine, the oil core should be replaced. Use a special wrench to remove the oil filter upside down. It is best to add the screw before installing the new oil filter, and then use two hands to put the filter element sealing screw back into the oil filter seat and tighten it.
  2. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. It is best to replace the oil filter element at the same time as changing the oil. If the environment is harsh, the replacement cycle should be shortened.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil filter element beyond the expiration date. Otherwise, due to the severe clogging of the filter element, the pressure difference will exceed the allowable limit of the bypass valve, causing the bypass valve to open automatically. A large number of dirt and particles can directly enter the screw host with the oil, causing serious consequences.
  4. Replace the oil filter element and the oil filter element. The replacement method is the same as that of the screw engine oil filter.

the routine maintenance of air compressors

Maintenance and replacement of oil fine separator

  1. The oil-fine separator is a component that separates the screw lubricating oil from the compressed air. Under normal operation, the oil will last longer. The service life of the fine separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of lubricating oil and air filtration precision have a great influence on the service life.
  2. The service life of the oil separator has expired, or the pressure difference between the two ends of the separator exceeds 0.12Mpa, and must be replaced. The motor may be overloaded, the oil separator is damaged, and the oil is leaking.
  3. The heat dissipation effect of the cooler directly affects the working temperature of the air compressor. Because the plate-fin structure is easy to accumulate dust, the maintenance of the cooler needs to blow dry compressed air above 0.4Mpa from top to bottom every shift.

the routine maintenance of air compressors

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