What are the advantages of Sollant oil-free scroll compressors compared with oil-filled scroll compressors?

oil free air compressor

As a world-renowned air compressor brand manufacturer, Sollant is a compressed air system manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Scroll compressors have several advantages over oil-filled scroll compressors.

The following Sollant high pressure press manufacturers discuss these advantages in detail and explain them.

No oil pollution:

Relying on Sollant’s core technology and based on customer needs, we provide customers with customized gas solutions. Sollant oil-free scroll compressors do not require the use of lubricating oil or lubricants, saving 20-30% of energy costs for global production companies, so there is no oil pollution. This is crucial for many special application areas, such as the food and beverage industry, the medical industry, and electronics manufacturing. In these industries, the purity requirements for compressed air are very high. Oil scroll compressors may introduce oil pollution, while oil-free scroll compressors can provide cleaner, oil-free compressed air.oil less scroll compressor

Cleaner compressed air:

Since Sollant oil-free scroll compressors do not release oil or oil mist, the compressed air produced is cleaner and purer. This is very important for industries that require high quality compressed air, such as medical, electronics and precision instrument manufacturing. In these industries, even tiny oil mist particles can negatively affect equipment and product quality, while oil-free scroll compressors can provide purer compressed air to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Reduce maintenance costs:

Sollant oil-free scroll compressors do not require regular oil changes, reducing maintenance costs and oil consumption. The oil-filled scroll compressor needs to replace the lubricating oil regularly, and maintain and monitor the lubrication system, which increases the maintenance and operation costs of the equipment. The oil-free scroll compressor has no lubrication system, which simplifies the maintenance process and saves time and human resources.oil free scroll air compressor

Increase productivity:

Since Sollant oil-free scroll compressors do not require downtime to change or replenish lubricating oil, downtime during production and the risk of production interruptions are greatly reduced. Oiled scroll compressors need to be shut down during the oil change process, which may lead to the interruption of the production line and the reduction of production efficiency. Oil-free scroll compressors do not require such shutdowns, maintaining production continuity and high efficiency.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable:

The use of Sollant oil-free scroll compressors reduces the negative impact on the environment. Oily scroll compressors generate waste lubricating oil and oil mist that require handling and disposal, potentially polluting the environment. The oil-free scroll compressor does not produce these oil pollutants, which contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.the advantages of Sollant oil-free scroll compressors

For special applications:

Because Sollant oil-free scroll compressors do not introduce oil contamination and provide pure compressed air, they have important advantages in some special applications. For example, in the medical industry, the aseptic requirements of the operating room and the air source of the ventilator require oil-free compressed air; in the food and beverage industry, the compressed air that needs to be in contact with product production must meet hygienic standards. Oil-free scroll compressors are able to meet these special needs and provide high quality compressed air.

Sollant high pressure machine manufacturer’s innovative design and customized solutions meet the needs of different customers,Oil-free scroll compressors demonstrate the future potential of oil-free scroll technology. As an energy-efficient choice, it saves energy for the user, while bringing comfort to the working environment with its quiet and eco-friendly features.the advantages of Sollant oil-free scroll compressors

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