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air compressor for laser cutter

Screw air compressor is a common compressed air equipment, which is used to compress the air in the atmosphere into high-pressure gas through a compression mechanism. It realizes the compression of air through the rotary motion of the screw rotor.air compressor for laser cutter

The working principle of the screw air compressor is that the air enters the machine through the inlet, and then is gradually compressed by the rotary motion of the screw rotor, while reducing the volume of the air. Inside the screw air compressor, there are usually two or more screw rotors meshing with each other, and their rotation directions are opposite. With the rotation of the screw rotor, the air is pushed to the outlet of the machine and compressed at the same time.

The advantages of screw air compressors include:

air compressor for laser cutter

Efficient energy utilization: The screw air compressor can compress a large amount of air into high-pressure gas through an effective compression mechanism to achieve efficient energy utilization.


air compressor for laser cutter

Continuous operation: The screw air compressor is capable of continuous operation, providing a stable gas supply. There is no pause or intermittence of gas during its operation, suitable for applications requiring continuous gas supply.



Lower vibration and noise: Compared with other types of compressors, screw air compressors have lower vibration and noise during operation, reducing noise pollution in the working environment.



Easy maintenance: screw air compressors usually have the characteristics of simple structure and few parts, and the maintenance and maintenance are relatively simple.

air compressor for laser cutter


Wide range of applications: Screw air compressors are widely used in various fields, including industrial manufacturing, building construction, automobile maintenance, etc., to provide compressed air supply for various pneumatic equipment and processes.


It should be noted that the screw air compressor needs to be operated and maintained correctly according to the specific working conditions and requirements during use to ensure its normal operation and service life.


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