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Product Name: Water Boring Machine, Well Drilling Equipment, Well Drilling Rig, Water Drilling Machine, Water Well Rig, Water Drilling Rig, Borehole Drilling Machine, Drilling Rig Water Well
Feed Stroke: 3300,6600mm
Drilling Depth: 180-700m
Travel Speed: 2.5km/h
Grade Ability: Max 30
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE/ASME/ISO
Color: Optional&customization
Local Service Location: Philippines, Mexico, Russia


1. Main Feature of Sollant Water Well Drilling Rigs:

(1). Widely used in drilling, rock and soil drilling, geothermal drilling, mine exploration, offshore drilling, etc. The down-the-hole crawler drilling rig can be operated under any different working conditions through a pneumatic drilling rig driven by an air compressor and has a high drilling speed even in the rock.

(2). Perfect hydraulic control maneuverability.
In order to meet various applications, the main parameters of the drill can be adjusted, such as speed, torque, feed pressure, reverse feed pressure, feed speed, lifting speed, etc.

(3). Rotation, feeding, and lifting are driven by the top.
It is more convenient to change rods, reduces the time of rod changing, and is more conducive to subsequent drilling.

(4). Multifunctional drilling
The drilling rig can perform various drilling methods such as down-the-hole drilling, gas-proof circulation drilling, anchor drilling, rotary drilling, while drilling, and core drilling. Optional components can be added according to customer needs, such as mud pumps, foam pumps, generators and different types of drawworks.

(5). Low operating cost
The downhole drilling for rock has the lowest drilling cost and the highest work efficiency.

(6). Tracked chassis with long-stroke jack cylinder
The long-stroke jack cylinder is convenient for the truck to load itself during transportation, and the crawler has better maneuverability in the mud operation site.

(7). The feed pressure can be adjusted to obtain the best feed force at different drilling depths.


2. Product Details:

3. Technical Parameters:


4. Quality Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer and Supplier:

Sollant has advanced production technology and an excellent design team. The water well drilling rig and equipment are designed to be durable, and highly efficient, which are widely used in most difficult environments. The Mainly ranges of Sollant: Crawler type pneumatic water well drilling rig, multifunctional hydraulic water well drilling rig, vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig…

The maximum drilling depth can reach 800m. The drilling rig adopts new hydraulic technology, it has fast rotation speed and extremely high drilling efficiency. And can adapt to various harsh rock and soil environments. The reasonable overall layout, using crawler chassis, strong off-road performance, can also be installed on a tractor for transportation.


5. Why Choose Sollant Water Well Drilling Rig?

*Cooperating with top 10 enterprises in the world.
*Equipped with steel crawler chassis, it has strong cross-country performance and can easily cope with various complex work sites.
*It is equipped with hydraulic high outriggers, which are convenient for loading and unloading trucks.
*Centralized operating handles, reasonable layout, safe, and feasible.
*Excellent workmanship, durable, and low maintenance costs.
*The drilling footage is fast and efficient.
*Low cost but high quality with long service life.