Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower


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Product Name: turbo blower, Centrifugal Blower, Air Suspension Blower, Air suspension single stage centrifugal blower
Type: Single Impeller & Double Impellers
Power: 22-300kw
Displacement: 13-331m³/min
Weight: 430-2150kg
Outlet Pipe Diameter: DN150-DN500
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE/ASME/ISO
Color: Optional&customization
Local Service Location: Philippines, Mexico, Russia


1. What is Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower?

Sollant Air Suspension Turbo blower, by the air bearings, engine base, permanent magnet synchronous motor, frequency conversion controller, self-cooling system composition, and is equipped with air filtration equipment and vent valve silencer. Due to the air suspension bearing technology, blower bearing friction, and vibration, heat-dissipating capacity is small, below 80-decibel noise, therefore, no set of lubricating oil device and gas, oil, and water in the pipe system, also need not set up special sound equipment.

Air Suspension Turbo blower

2. Advantage of Sollant Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower:

Sollant Air suspension centrifugal blower features the advantages of energy-saving, low noise, oil-free, simple and reliable operation, easy maintenance, semi-permanent service life, etc.


3. Technical Parameters:

3. Technical Parameters:


4. Application:

It is suitable for the sewage treatment industry, food and drug industry, petrochemical industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, metallurgy industry, coal chemical industry, cement and construction materials industry, and other industries.


5. Feature of Sollant Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower:

(1). High efficiency and significant energy saving.
*The high-efficiency impeller and the super high-speed motor adopt the direct connection of the air bearing to remove the gearbox and lubrication system, without mechanical contact, no vibration, low noise, no need for sound insulation.
*Using BLDC motor and variable frequency speed control system, adjust the speed control flow and pressure, and maintain high efficiency in the range of working flow of the fan.

(2). Save space and reduce investment in ancillary facilities.
*The smallest wind machine room area; The equipment has lightweight, simple foundation construction and no lifting device for installation. At the same time, you can choose the convenient arrangement mode according to the need, such as blowing the blower room directly on the aeration pool, saving the pipeline investment, and reducing the loss of pipe resistance.

(3). Simple operation and high degree of automation.
*The fan itself conducts a self-check on the speed, pressure, temperature, and flow rate, which can prevent the surge function and can realize unmanned operation. In the working area of the fan, the output of wind volume and wind pressure is adjusted freely according to the external control signal.
* No local control cabinet and soft starter cabinet are required; The fan itself integrates the local control system; The main control panel set up by the wind machine room can automatically adjust the pressure, flow, control opening, and problem alarm automatically through the computer CP U, so as to realize single and multiple simultaneous automatic control operation. The same time can be controlled by the remote central control room.
*The relevant technical personnel through the simple training, according to the procedure of the operation manual, the fan can be automatically put into operation and realize unmanned operation.

(4). High reliability of equipment.
*Using two leading technology technologies, ultra-high-speed (BLDC) motor, and HAFB (Hydro-Dynamic Air Foil Bearing) dynamic pressure Air Bearing technology (removal due to gearbox, oil road lubrication system, complicated control system failure); The key parts are selected with excellent materials (the impeller adopts the SUS630 high strength stainless steel and the axial titanium metal material);Through standardized production, ensure the equipment performance is stable and excellent, high reliability.