Why is the power of the screw air compressor insufficient? –Shared by Sollant

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Screw air compressor is a commonly used industrial compressed air equipment, but sometimes there may be insufficient power.

Here are some common causes of underpowered screw air compressors:

  1. Air leakage in the compression chamber:

The working principle of screw air compressor is to realize the compression of gas through the rotation of two screws. If the screw seal is not good or the seal is worn, it will cause air leakage in the compression chamber, which will reduce the pressure and displacement of compressed air. At this time, it is necessary to check and replace the seal to ensure good sealing of the screw.

  1. Filter clogging:

Dust, dirt and particles in the air may clog the filter of the screw air compressor, affecting the circulation of air and the smoothness of entering the compression chamber. A clogged filter will increase the resistance of the system, resulting in insufficient power of the air compressor. Regular cleaning and replacement of filters is an important measure to prevent clogging. the power of the screw air compressor

  1. Insufficient or poor quality lubricating oil:

The normal operation of the screw air compressor requires sufficient lubricating oil to reduce friction and wear between the screws. If the lubricating oil is insufficient or of poor quality, it will cause the screw to run unstable and reduce the output capacity of the air compressor. Regularly check the oil level and quality of lubricating oil, and replace and maintain according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Motor problems:

The power of the screw air compressor is provided by the motor. If the motor fails or is damaged, it will cause insufficient power. This can be caused by things like aging motors, shorted windings, power supply problems, or overloaded motors. It is necessary to check the working condition of the motor, ensure its normal operation, and repair or replace the faulty motor parts in time. the power of the screw air compressor

  1. Overload and overheating:

The use of the screw air compressor beyond its rated operating range may cause overload and overheating, thereby reducing the power output. Overloading and overheating can be caused by reasons such as excessive pressure requirements, long periods of continuous operation, or high ambient temperatures. When using the air compressor, pay attention to comply with the rated operating parameters to ensure that it does not exceed its design range.

  1. Air system problems:

Screw air compressors are often operated as part of an overall compressed air system. If other components or equipment in the air system fail or have problems, such as pipe blockage, valve failure or improper pressure adjustment, etc., it may affect the power output of the air compressor. Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the entire air system is required.

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To sum up, the reasons for the lack of power of the screw air compressor may include air leakage in the compression chamber, filter clogging, lubricating oil problems, motor problems, overload and overheating, and air system problems. Timely inspection, maintenance and repair will help restore the normal working condition and power output of the air compressor.

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