Our Process

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We Work Strictly And Rigorously!

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Step 1: Purchase Air Compressor Accessories

Sollant has a professional purchasing team, and we have been purchasing air compressor parts of famous brands from abroad and at home all the time.

Step 2: Reinspect of Air Compressor Accessories

We will carry out secondary inspection for purchased parts to ensure that we can provide customers with perfect air compressor parts. It is our responsibility.

Step 3: Assembly Equipment with Different Requirements

Sollant adopts artificial and automatic intelligent assembly of each rotary screw air compressor. Every employee is well trained to ensure the perfect performance of air compressor.

Step 4: Test Each Air Compressor Before Shippment

Each screw air compressor is subjected to a series of tests before leaving Sollant factory, if necessary, we are willing to provide you the test qualification report.

Step 5: Wooden Case Packaging or According Customer's Requirments

Sollant’s export air compressors are packed in wooden cases and reinforced to ensure the safety and integrity of the screw air compressor during the sea transportation.

Step 6: Delivery and Shipment

After the completion of the production, we will contact the customer as soon as possible to arrange the transportation. If needed, We will also provide production process pictures and video.