Benefits obtained by users of oil-free and water-lubricated screw air compressors


Benefits for users:

A. Equipment operation cost is low

Since the oil-free machine only needs less spare parts consumption: no need to add and replace lubricating oil, no oil filter consumption, no oil removal filter to reduce oil content, no oil-air separator core (multi-stage) There is no need for additional multi-stage filters on the pipeline, so the operating cost of the equipment is low.

B. low power consumption

To remove the oil contained in the compressed air, the oil-injected screw compressor needs to increase the corresponding filter, which increases the pressure loss. To meet the same air pressure at the final gas point, the exhaust pressure of the oil-injected screw compressor must be higher than Discharge pressure of oil-free water-lubricated single-screw air compressor. For every increase of 0.1MPa exhaust pressure, the energy consumption will increase by 12%; the exhaust pressure of the compression chamber of the oil-free water-lubricated single-screw air compressor is 0.15MPa lower than that of the oil-injected screw, and the energy consumption is 18% lower than that of the oil-injected machine , so the oil-free water-lubricated single-screw air compressor has low operating costs (low electricity bills).

C. protective gas equipment

The oil in the compressed air mainly exists in the gaseous state. When the compressed air is transported to the point of use through the pipe network, the temperature tends to drop, and the lubricating oil mixed in the compressed air becomes liquid and adheres to the sharp corners of the equipment with dust. Therefore, the pipe network is polluted, which reduces the sensitivity and service life of the pneumatic components of the gas equipment, or leads to large deviations in the results of scientific experiments. Therefore, the oil-free compressed air provided by the oil-free machine can extend the life of the air equipment.


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