Maintenance method of air compressor in winter

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In the cold winter, due to the low temperature, if the air compressor does not pay attention to maintenance and service, it will cause equipment failure. For this reason, in winter, due to long-term shutdown, there are not a few situations in which the freezer is cracked and the body is faulty when starting without antifreeze protection during the period. In view of this situation, the following problems are proposed for air compressor users due to improper maintenance of air compressors in winter:

1. If the machine has been shut down for a long period of time or the oil filter has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the oil filter before starting the machine, so as to avoid the lack of oil supply caused by the lack of oil supply when the machine is started, which will cause the machine to heat up instantly when it is started. , causing body problems;

2. After the equipment is powered off, use the hand to rotate the coupling of the main engine. It should be flexible. For the machine that is difficult to turn, please do not start it blindly. You should check whether the machine body or the motor is faulty, whether the lubricating oil is viscous and invalid, etc., and the fault is eliminated. can be turned on later;

3. Before starting the air compressor, ensure that the oil temperature is not lower than +2 degrees. If the temperature is too low, please use heating equipment to heat the oil and gas barrel and the main engine;

4. Check that the oil level is in the normal position, check that all condensate drains are closed (open for long-term shutdown), and check whether the cooling water discharge is closed for water-cooled units (this valve should be opened for long-term shutdown);

5. For two-stage compressors, especially high-power models, when starting up again after stopping for a period of time, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the air inlet and jog 2-3 times, and the oil and gas barrel to the oil regulating valve of the machine body. It should be fully opened at the beginning of the operation. If the exhaust temperature is too low after the operation is stable, you can adjust the water intake of the customer’s cooling water valve to control the temperature. If necessary, adjust the oil injection valve to control the oil intake according to the actual temperature. Appropriate exhaust temperature;

6. The frequency conversion machine should pay attention to the exhaust temperature in winter and avoid it being too low (mainly because the exhaust temperature is too low due to long-term low-frequency operation), adjust the opening of the appropriate cooling water valve according to the exhaust temperature, and replace it depending on the situation. It is a high-temperature heat-controlled spool to avoid emulsification of oil.

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