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Reasons for high oil content in air compressor

Although the compressed air produced by the air compressor can be used in different industries, according to different needs, it will be equipped with basic post-processing equipment, such as cold dryers, filters, suction dryers, oil removal filters, etc. to solve the oil in the compressed air The problem of water and dust.

If the oil content in the compressed air is high, it will not only affect the product, but also affect the mechanical equipment, whether it is the back-end gas production equipment or its own air compressor system equipment. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the problem of high oil content in compressed air. Here is an analysis of the impact of high oil content on the dryer.

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Most manufacturers will configure an adsorption dryer at the back end. The adsorption drying equipment is filled with activated alumina or molecular sieves. These substances can also absorb part of the oil pollutants in the compressed air while adsorbing water, including liquid oil. and gaseous oils.

Its adsorption principle is similar to that of activated carbon, so the liquid oil in the compressed air is removed at the initial stage of equipment operation. Activated alumina or molecular sieves can regenerate the adsorbed water through regeneration to prepare for the next adsorption of water, but they cannot regenerate the oil adsorbed on the surface of the adsorbent.

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Therefore, the oil content in the adsorbent will gradually accumulate until it reaches saturation. The adsorbed oil will cover the inside and outside surface of the adsorbent, hindering the adsorption of water by the adsorbent, and eventually lead to the gradual loss of water absorption capacity, resulting in a decline in the dehydration performance of the adsorbent itself.

As a result, the pressure dew point of the compressed air passing through the drying machine cannot meet the requirements. At the same time, after the oil is adsorbed and saturated, the oil and water will form mixed pollution, resulting in the pollution of the back-end gas-consuming equipment or products.

Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem of oil pollution in compressed air. Some will use oil-free machines to solve the problem of oil pollution from the source.

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However, some manufacturers initially use oil-containing air compressors to control costs, which is to deal with the back-end oil. Yes, there are generally three types of compressed air degreasing devices to choose from, one is degreasing filter, two kinds of activated carbon filter and the third is catalytic oxidation degreasing equipment.

These three are conventional degreasing filters, but they also have their own different:

An oil removal filter adopts an ordinary filter element structure, and absorbs the oil in the compressed air to the filter element through adsorption to achieve the effect of oil removal.

When the adsorption is saturated, the filter element needs to be replaced. This filter element filter The purchase cost of the filter is low, but the filter element needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that the air source is oil-free;

The two types of activated carbon filter use activated carbon filler to absorb oil pollution in the compressed air. Generally, the filling amount of activated carbon is sufficient to maintain oil-free for a long time, but the adsorbent also has saturation, and if the oil pollution is too heavy, it will Caused activated carbon oil poisoning .

Reasons for high oil content in air compressor

Now, the activated carbon will fail, and it is also necessary to replace the activated carbon material to ensure the stability of the gas source. The specific replacement cycle depends on the working conditions;

The three catalytic oxidation degreasing methods are different from the adsorption method. The catalytic oxidation technology is used to react the oil molecules in the gas with the oxygen in the gas. The material is a catalyst, which does not participate in the reaction and only reduces the reaction. Conditions, so there are no consumables, and it can provide clean compressed air continuously and stably.

Therefore, these knowledge still need to be mastered when choosing degreasing equipment. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the problem of high oil content in the air system. If a dehydrator is purchased, it is recommended to install the degreasing equipment at the front of the dehydrator to protect the dehydrator.