Air volume adjustment method of screw air compressor

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Since the birth of the screw air compressor, the profile of the screw rotor has experienced many reforms. With the development of computer technology, people have been able to develop a variety of high-efficiency profiles that are currently recognized. Manufacturers of screw air compressors in the world can also use the so-called third-generation high-efficiency molding lines. Similarly, the research and application of the entire screw air compressor system have been roughly similar. It is even more difficult to obtain considerable energy saving from screw air compressors in the short term. At the same time, from the perspective of energy consumption, what users care more about is not the energy consumption ratio of the shaft power of the air compressor, but the energy consumption ratio of the input power. For this reason, people focus on the potential of energy saving in the operation of air compressors.


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On the other hand, according to the research report of the US Department of Energy in 2002, the load rate of air compressors used in various countries is almost impossible to exceed 90%. Therefore, the air compressor should run energy-saving, except when it is fully loaded, the input energy consumption ratio should be lower, and it should also save energy when it is part-load and no-load. In this regard, higher requirements are put forward for the air volume adjustment of the screw air compressor.


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Generally, there are three ways to adjust the air volume of the screw air compressor:


  1. Air intake throttle adjustment.


  1. Change the effective length adjustment of the rotor.


  1. Change the rotor speed adjustment.


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