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Centrifugal fans are widely used in shipbuilding. It is mainly used in the cabin ventilation system and air conditioning system to ensure the air circulation inside the ship and the comfort of the crew.

Centrifugal fans are usually composed of motors, impellers, casings, and inlet and outlet pipes. The motor drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed, so that the gas is compressed under the centrifugal force of the impeller, thereby generating high-pressure and high-speed airflow, and the airflow is discharged through the outlet pipe. The inlet pipe of the centrifugal fan is usually designed to be circular in order to inhale the gas evenly.

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In the ship’s cabin ventilation system.

Centrifugal fans are often used as primary air circulation equipment. Brings fresh air into the boat and exhausts it. Centrifugal fans can also be used in marine air conditioning systems. A constant temperature and humidity inside the vessel is maintained by circulating air.

In the ship’s fire control system.

Also, in the ship’s fire control system. Centrifugal fans are also used. Centrifugal fans can introduce a large amount of fresh air through the ventilation duct. To increase the oxygen content of the fire scene. So as to help firefighters better carry out fire fighting and rescue.

In short, centrifugal fans are an important part of ship ventilation, air conditioning and fire control systems. It has very important application value in the field of shipbuilding.

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What are the precautions for the maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal fans in ships?

Centrifugal fans are very important ventilation and air conditioning equipment in ships. Therefore, regular maintenance and maintenance are required to ensure its normal operation and safety. The following are the precautions for maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal fans in ships:

Regular cleaning:

Both the inside and the outside of the centrifugal fan need to be cleaned regularly. To remove dust and impurities, to ensure its normal ventilation and heat dissipation. Take care to use proper tools and cleaning agents when cleaning. To avoid damage to the centrifugal fan.

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Lubricate regularly:

The bearings and gears of the centrifugal fan need to be lubricated regularly. To reduce wear and friction, to ensure its normal operation. Pay attention to the use of proper lubricant and lubrication method to avoid over-lubrication or under-lubrication problems.

Periodic inspection:

Regularly check the various indicators of the centrifugal fan, such as current, voltage, speed, etc. to ensure its proper functioning. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the various components of the centrifugal fan are normal. Such as whether the impeller is deformed, whether the bearing is worn, etc.

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Prevent overloading:

Centrifugal fans need to avoid overloading during operation, otherwise they will be damaged. Pay attention to its rated power and rated current when installing and using a centrifugal fan. At the same time, avoid long-term overload operation of the centrifugal fan.

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short, the maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal fans in ships need to pay attention to many aspects. Including cleaning, lubrication, inspection and protection against overload, etc. Regular maintenance and maintenance can prolong the service life of centrifugal fans. Ensure the normal operation and safety of the ship.

In addition, centrifugal fans are widely used in industry, construction, mining, transportation and other fields for ventilation, ventilation, gas transportation, flue gas emission, etc. Centrifugal fans come in many different types and sizes, which can be selected according to different application needs.

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