Centrifugal Compressor Applications in the Petrochemical Industry

1. What are air compressors used in oil and gas industries?

For a deeper reach to the petrochemical natural sources and more efficient extraction of oil and gas, the air and gas compressor systems are developed. In particular, the centrifugal compressors for the petrochemical industry make a large contribution to the oil & gas industry. Unlike the piston air compressor (reciprocating type) or the rotary screw air compressor, the centrifugal air compressor is more suitable for large oil and gas operations.

Centrifugal Compressors for the Petrochemical Industry

Generally, there are two main applications of the centrifugal compressors for the petrochemical industry: firstly, the centrifugal compressor is required to process the petroleum gas extracted from the oil field; secondly, the centrifugal compressor is also needed to maintain the reservoir pressures by gas re-injection.

More specifically, the applications of centrifugal compressors in oil & gas are the following:

Petroleum Refiningthe centrifugal air compressor is used to boost the pressure of processed gas, so that a catalytic reaction will occur for the oil refining process.

Petrochemical Synthesisthe centrifugal air compressor is used for the petrochemical gas manufacturing process, such as methanol, ammonia, ethylene and urea, etc.

Gas Injectionthe centrifugal compressor is used to increase the gas pressure by injecting gas into oil layers, which helps to promote the recovery of crude oil.

Pipeline Transportationthe centrifugal compressor is used to maintain pressure in the pipeline for the gas transportation.

Besides, the centrifugal air compressors can be used in many other processes of the petrochemical industry, such as the synthesis of various petrochemicals, cooling nad molding of petroleum products such as plastics, etc.


2. What is the future of air compressors in the oil and gas industry?

As we mentioned before, centrifugal air compressors are required in so many processes of the petrochemical industry. To sum up, the centrifugal compressor plays a key role from the exploration and production to refining and processing of crude oil and gas products. It’s essential that the air compressor meet the challenges of the oil and gas industry. So what is the trending of the air compressor in this industry?

Multiple functions—the air compressor isn’t only used for the oil & gas production or the pressure maintenance, but also used to power the first-generation drives and controls, as well as calibrate test equipment and purging work.

Adaptation to harsh environments—as the oil & gas industry is a large-scale outdoor project, the air compressor is required to be adaptable in various harsh environments. Besides, the air compressor needs to be available both on offshore platforms and in underwater conditions.

High performance—A rugged, high-performance air compressor is able to handle a variety of uses at a lower cost and renders highly efficient production.

Low cost and less maintenance—as the centrifugal air compressors for the chemical industry are required thorough the whole oil and gas manufacturing process, a lower installation and maintenance cost is a determinate factor for the industry.


3. Why choose Sollant Oil Free Centrifugal Compressors?

Among so many centrifugal compressor manufacturers, why choose Sollant as a centrifugal air compressor manufacturer? Why choose Sollant Oil Free Centrifugal Compressor for your petrochemical work. Generally, the reasons are the following:

Advanced turbomachinery design: turbomachinery technology plays a key role in the development of the centrifugal air compressor; Sollant owns a world-class design team with expertise in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, gear drive theory, and structural strength theory of the industry.

The unique Rotor Dynamics Design and the IGV Rotation technology make the Centrifugal oil-free air compressor work more efficiently.

Reliable long-term operation: apart from the design of advanced technology, our Centrifugal Oil-Free Air Compressor is also equipped with a Vibration Sensor in each stage, which provides real-time monitoring of the operation status. This ensures that the centrifugal air compressor may work for a long period more reliably.

Strict quality control: before our products are put into the market, there’s a series of comprehensive tests and inspections for the key design results, such as the aerodynamic effect, the rotor dynamics, the structural strength, etc. We make every effort to ensure that the air compressor we offer is of high efficiency, stability, and reliability.

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