Air Compressors for the Woodworking Industry

1. What are the applications of the Air Compressor for Woodworking?

The air compressors are used by the woodworking industry worldwide: they are required nearly in every step of the woodworking process, from lifting and cutting the wood to finishing it with an even coat of wood stain. In summary, the compressors for woodworking are used in the following application.


Sawmills—Sawmills mainly use compressors for woodworking to cut logs into manageable wood panels, planks, and other shapes. For example, the variable speed compressors are used to cut logs to standard lumber length, sort lumber by size and length, etc.

Manufacturing plants—The variable speed rotary screw air compressor is widely used in lumber processing and furniture manufacturing, such as framing, upholstering, nailing, drilling and blowing off sawdust, etc. In particular, this variable speed air compressor is commonly used to lift heavy loads of wood, creating a faster and safer process for workers.

Wood finishing—Wood finishing is a particularly popular application of compressors for woodworking as they offer significant advantages over-brushing or rolling paint and coatings on. The variable speed rotary screw air compressor allows getting even results and an attractive coating with wood spray finishing equipment such as spray guns.

Thanks to the recent technological advances leading to better-performing air compressors, the compressors for woodworking have become vital in various woodworking-related activities.


2. How to choose the best air compressor for the woodworking industry?

How to choose the best air compressor for the woodworking industry? What is the best air compressor for a woodworking shop? First, the following factors should be put into consideration:

PSI—It’s the parameter to measure the air pressure. When looking for a suitable compressor for woodworking, it’s essential to make sure that the air supplied by the compressor meets the demands of the air tools.

CFM—It’s another essential parameter as this refers to the cubic feet per minute, which is the measurement of how fast air passes from the compressor to the air tools. Sawmills may need extra CFM while a nail gun doesn’t that much CFM.

Horsepower—The horsepower measures efficiency at a given CFM in motors. The higher the horsepower, the better the compressor is for woodworking.

Tank Size—The tank size of an air compressor is another important factor as a large tank can hold more air. Most woodworking applications don’t need enormous tanks. However, if you intend to use the air tools for a long time, an air compressor with a big tank is necessary.

Portability—Apart from the factors mentioned above, portability is a driving factor in getting compressors for woodworking. In the woodworking industry, the worker might have to bring the vsd compressors to different locations, and for that, a small air compressor for woodworking is better.

Surely there are other factors to consider while choosing the best air compressor for a woodworking shop, such as the noise level, etc.


3. Why choose Sollant Compressors for the woodworking industry?

Among so many brands of air compressors, why choose Sollant Compressors for the woodworking industry?

The Sollant Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor is our star product of woodworking applications. Its advantages are the following:

High reliabilityThe biggest advantage of our Sollant Variable Speed Air Compressor is the VSD PM motor. The efficiency of this variable speed permanent magnet motor is higher than 3%-5% than the regular motor, which ensures constant air compression: when the speed drops, our vsd compressor still remains high efficiency.

Constant pressure air supply—With a series of accurate calculating controls, our variable speed air compressor meets the air demand. More specifically, the air supply pressure is accurately controlled within 0.01Mpa.


Energy savingThanks to the unique design of a frequency conversion ranging from 5% to 100%, our vsd compressor is featured by a great energy-saving effect: the larger the gas fluctuation is, the more obvious the energy-saving effect our compressor renders

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