Air compressor pipeline failures and solution suggestions

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan


Pipes are an important part of the air compressor system. If a fault occurs during operation, how should we troubleshoot and solve it?


  1. Low pressure fault


Poor action of the reversing valve, insufficient output force of the actuator, too slow action speed, insufficient torque of the pneumatic tool, slow and unstable device cycle, and failure of various actuators to operate according to predetermined requirements will lead to insufficient pipeline air pressure and compressed air leakage. Causes pressure loss and insufficient flow. Therefore, you should always check whether each valve and other components are leaking due to sealing failure, whether pipe joints are leaking due to looseness and rupture, and whether the pressure reducing valve and check valve are working properly.

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

  1. Condensation water failure

The compressed air that has just been compressed by the host is generally mixed with gaseous water and oil, and the temperature is relatively high. When it passes through the pipeline, the temperature drops, and the saturated water turns into pipeline water droplets. If the pipeline is not drained in time, it will easily cause failure. The main management of condensate water is to set the drain valve at the place where the condensate water is retained to discharge it at least 2-3 times a week, and to frequently check the internal components of the automatic drainer.


  1. Installation design faults

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

Improper installation of pipelines can easily lead to backflow of condensate water, causing residual condensate water in the pipelines to affect the normal use of the unit. Therefore, pipe installation must be carried out according to standards. The pressure drop of the piping should not exceed 5% of the operating pressure of the air compressor, so the piping should be larger than the design value; the pipe must have an inclination to facilitate the discharge of condensed water; the branch pipe must be connected from the top of the main pipe to avoid condensation in the main pipe The liquid flows into the working machinery or returns to the air compressor; if the production gas consumption is large, it is recommended to install an air storage tank as a buffer, which can reduce the number of loading and unloading of the air compressor, which is of great benefit in extending the service life of the unit; the installation pipeline must Use as few elbows and valves as possible.

2 Stage Screw Air Compressor with Axial Fan

For the air compressor pipeline layout, overall planning must be carried out, and the pipeline layout must be considered at the beginning of equipment design to reduce unnecessary losses.


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