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The compressed air output from the air compressor still contains a lot of harmful impurities, mainly floating dust, moisture and oil in the air. If no drying equipment is installed to purify the compressed air, the following hazards will be brought.

Does the air compressor have to be equipped with a dryer?

  1. Frequent discharge of condensate

Compressed air with too much water content will naturally produce more condensate. In order to ensure the continuation of production, users have to frequently discharge condensed water, which greatly increases the workload of operators. More importantly, due to the frequent discharge of condensed water, the air leakage of the air compressor may be greatly increased, which greatly wastes energy.

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  1. Frequent oil replacement

The compressed air with too high water content is mixed with the lubricating oil inside the air compressor. If it is not separated in time, the water content of the lubricating oil will increase, and the lubrication and cooling effects will deteriorate. The final performance is that the lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently, and the cost increases.

industrial screw air compressor.

  1. The service life of the aircompressor is shortened

The various accessories of the air compressor are basically made of metal. Under high temperature conditions, water, oxygen and metals are very prone to oxidation, resulting in corrosion of accessories. The final performance is that the working performance of various equipment of the air compressor is greatly reduced, the stability is greatly reduced, and the service life is greatly shortened, so that the cost of the entire production will be greatly increased.

air compressor have to be equipped with a dryer

  1. Gas equipment is damaged

At present, many gas-consuming equipment require absolute dryness, which requires that the compressed gas provided for them should not contain too much water, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the gas-consuming equipment, shorten its service life, and even affect its work efficiency.

air compressor have to be equipped with a dryer

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